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Candidate Profiling & Recuiting

e-valuate - Testing and training solutions

The most important aspect of our job is ensuring the best match between our profiled associate and your employment position. Using our technologically advanced profiling system, our team of experienced recruiters, career managers and agents are well equipped to find the leading candidate for your company.

The complex job of evaluating and training candidates and employees is second nature to Resource. With assistance from national testing agencies, we have custom designed our e-valuate aptitude and proficiency exams as well as basic and advanced training programs. A successful employment match relies not only on job skills but also on candidate motivation, positive work attitude and work preferences. Our e-valuate systems provide us with accurate and reliable data, from which we consistently choose qualified candidates.

Knowledge, Aptitude Skills, Experience

Our testing software automatically assesses applicant and employee proficiencies in more than 230 skills, including software, clerical, light industrial, technical and programming skills.

AptiTest - Aptitude Assessments, Workplace Conduct

Skills testing reveals only part of a candidate's profile. By administrating AptiTest to our clients, we gain a better understanding of individual personality traits. Is this applicant comfortable working with others or alone? Is the candidate comfortable working without supervision? Is the candidate at risk for absenteeism or drug use? As part of our AutoMatch system, AptiTest evaluates applicants:

  • Risk
  • Reliability
  • Workplace personality
  • Customer care
  • Service ability Sales and telemarketing abilities

Training for that Ideal Job

Resource's philosophy, to help our associates find the ideal job, has been a source of satisfaction for employees and companies alike. Upon joining Resource, our associates are immediately placed in our career management program. Here, they receive guidance in creating a viable training plan for acquiring additional skills, or they can attend Resource's training programs that will help them reach their career goals.

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