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Partner Professional Recruitment Services

Employment Pros provides a full service recruiting approach to all your contract or fulltime employment needs. Our dedicated recruiters are experience in the specific fields and offer a “State of the Art” recruitment process to uncover the perfect candidate for your organization each and every time.

Relocation Services & Calculators

At Resource Employment Services, we don't just fill jobs, we help candidates find great new careers, and companies hire the perfect employees to match any need.

This also means providing high quality relocation services and tools, such as a relocation salary calculator to help you see exactly what you need to make in a new locale to ensure it's worthwhile, a moving costs calculator to help you prepare, and more.

Find all of the relocation calculators and services you need below:


1. The Salary Calculator - Find out how much you would need to make in your new city to keep your current lifestyle.

2. The Moving Calculator - Get a ballpark estimate of what it will cost to ship your household goods.

3. The Relocation Wizard - Create a custom timeline to help you cope with all the details of relocating.

4. The Relocation Crime Lab - Compare crime statistics in different cities.

5. The Community Calculator - Find the neighborhood with the lifestyle that most appeals to you.

6. Free City Reports - Side-by-side comparisons of up-to-date information on demographics, cost of living, and more.

7. Free School Reports - This report is designed to give you all the information you need to identify school districts which meet your family's educational needs and goals. The School Report delivers, in an easy to read format, important school statistics plus 200+ facts on each district.

Twicle.com professional, business and social networking

Twicle.com is where networking with friends, and finding business opportunities, jobs and careers, and much more, including everything you love about social networking, is as easy as registering.


FREE online tool designed to make moving quick and easy. Simply Click on the link and enter your moving from and to locations. Please use Referral ID 783 when registering.

So feel free to put these relocation services and calculators to use today. If you have any questions about the moving costs or relocation salary calculator, or any of the other tools and calculators, you may also call us at 866-412-6535.

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