Profiling & Recuiting

Candidate Profiling & Recuiting

The most important aspect of our job is ensuring the best match between our profiled associate and your employment position. Using our technologically advanced profiling system, our team of experienced recruiters, career managers and agents are well equipped to find the leading candidate for your company.

Internet Recruiting and Candidate Management

We manage the large flow of information through our uniquely designed, web-enabled, data system. This interactive exchange center provides an instant, world-wide connection to our real-time, office technology.

Via the internet, you can choose to manage your own job order. After you post your employment request, our EmployeeMatchSystem will automatically select candidates that match your profile description or you can make the selections. You can accept or reject candidates; request interviews; manage employee time records and reviews; and obtain multiple reports. If you prefer, a Resource agent can input and manage your job order. The choice is yours.

Resource Career Managers, Agents and Recruiters

Tap into these highly-skilled professionals as if they were your own corporate human-resources team. After placing your order, our career managers and recruiters will utilize our AutoEmployeeMatch system and our Match interview tool to select the appropriate candidate for each job. Our professionals look for highly-motivated individuals with long-term career goals, a sure sign for a successful match.

Community Organizations

While recruiting candidates nationwide, our agents know that our mission is to improve the quality-of-life of others. We look for candidates with strong work ethics and find many of our associates through community organizations, such as churches, schools and immigrant cultural groups. We also interview employee referrals and students.

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