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URGENT COVID-19 UPDATE: Resource Continues to Staff Through Lock-downs

Download File Here at Resource, we have been one of the most pro-active staffing agencies in dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak, having put infectious disease counter-measures in place going back over three weeks to March 3, 2020. We developed an industry-leading Infectious Disease Control Policy and Coronavirus Prevention Program. Our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees. We are working diligently to ensure the welfare of those who work so hard to ensure our mutual success during these difficult and ever-changing times.

We have rolled out contingency staffing plans to ramp-up personnel for any client that suffers a major shortage of workers due to a local outbreak of the virus or increased demand. Please let us know how we can help you with your staffing needs; as the pandemic situation evolves further, we are prepared to shift labor forces across geographies in order to assist our clients. We have also started to initiate health screenings to assure that employees reporting to our clients' facilities are not showing signs of illness or contagion.

As an essential employer, Resource has committed to remain open to serve our customers and our community, in spite of ongoing lock-downs and curfews. The following actions have been taken to ensure that we can remain steadfast to these commitments:
• Frequently communicating to our employees regarding preventative measures such as hand washing, cleaning and disinfecting, and instructions to report illness;
• Regularly communicating with our employees to assure that they do not come to work if feeling ill or if they have been potentially exposed to COVID-19;
• Advising our clients immediately of any potential exposure that may impact our employees;
• Continue sharing communications with our clients that have been provided to our employees and the steps our organization is taking to minimize exposure;
• RES Associate Site Access Letters has been distributed to applicable employees so they do not have any problems commuting to and from work.

We have also asked our clients' cooperation with the following items:
• Increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing common areas (break rooms, restrooms, time clocks, etc.);
• Consider staggering breaks, alternating break room space, and conducting pre-shift/orientation meetings in smaller groups;
• Implement a visitor check-in form and if any signs of illness are suspected, do not grant visitors access to the facility;
• Maintain social distancing measures, limiting the number of employees/associates working in close proximity.

Additional staff can be ordered from Resource 24/7 on our website, via email (, by using live chat, or by calling our toll-free immediate response hotline at 1-866-412-6535. If you have any questions or staffing concerns, please feel free to reach out to us now.


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