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Top 3 Reasons A Staffing Agency Is A Great Human Resources Partner

1. Broaden Your Reliance from Temporary to All Open Positions

In the past, you may have used a staffing agency just when you had temporary positions that you needed filled. Whether you had an employee out on medical leave or needed to expand seasonally, your temp agency was there with a solution. Staffing, in general, can provide a lot of strain on an organization, especially if it’s a small company. You may find yourself allotting more personnel and financial resources than you necessarily have available to staffing open permanent positions. Or perhaps you only have positions come open occasionally — not often enough to justify employing a full-time recruiter but frequently enough to add strain to your already busy HR personnel.
You can broaden your reliance on your staffing agency from filling just temporary roles to addressing all of your open positions. As your valued HR partner, the staffing agency personnel with whom you work can function just as an internal recruiter would, but without you being on the hook for continuing salary and benefits expenses for an underutilized position. Your external recruiter can also tap into broader resources to create a deeper pool of candidates whenever roles need to be filled. Financially, it can work out in your favor to rely on external versus internal recruiting personnel.

2. Remain Abreast of Industry Standards and Regulatory Changes

Working within the human resources world requires that personnel spend a lot of time in continuing education. That’s because of constantly changing industry standards, a job market and related salary index that’s always in flux and more regulatory changes than you can wrap your head around. Your internal HR personnel and key hiring managers can either spend significant time and resources learning about all of these areas, or they can partner with a qualified outside organization to never miss a change.
Staffing agencies like Resource Employment Solutions ensure their personnel are always up-to-date on important industry and regulatory information. Because our recruiters and account managers work with so many different companies, plus manage all HR functions for the temps we place with companies, we already need to work to maintain this high level of knowledge. As your HR business partner, we can work with you to ensure you’re up to standards and regulations in how you manage both temp employees and permanent personnel.

3. Long-Term Contractors as A Staffing Solution

For a variety of reasons, it may make more sense for your business to consider investing in long-term contractors as a primary staffing solution instead of using contracts to fill only temp or seasonal jobs. Having an employee is undeniably expensive. Your costs include not only their salary and benefits but all their HR and management administration as well as place of work expenses. If you’re a startup company, going through significant reorganization or just do not wish to mess with the hassle of having employees instead of contractors, your staffing agency can provide the exact solutions you need.
As a reminder, utilizing contractors comes with an entirely different set of expectations and regulations than working with regular employees does. And per government standards, treating a contractor exactly how you would an employee may convert them to employee status. Our staffing professionals can educate you on the fine distinction between contractors and employees to ensure you’re managing all of your staff appropriately.

Contact Resource Employment Solutions Today

When you take advantage of using either short- or long-term contractors, you can leave almost the entirety of your company’s HR functions up to your new external HR business partner — your staffing agency. We manage payroll and benefits, workers comp, taxes, training and all other employment expectations. At Resource Employment Solutions, we’re always looking for additional ways to become more valuable to you as an HR partner as well. If you have an unmet need, give us a call at 866-412-6535 we can start optimizing your business potential.


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