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Overcoming 3 Common Cold Calling Objections

Overcoming 3 Common Cold Calling Objections

• Cold Calling Objection 1: "I'm Not Interested"
PROSPECT: "I'm not interested."

YOU: "Okay. I'm curious to know though. What could I have said about this topic that might have actually interested you?"

PROSPECT: "Nothing, really."

YOU: "Then if I hear correctly, it's not that the topic's not interesting to you, it's that you're not interested in talking at all right now. You're focused on something else. Then let's not talk right now. Can we talk at another time, maybe on Friday at 2 or 3? That way you can give me a few minutes to pique your interest, and if I don't, all you risk is the time in exchange for insight."

• Cold Calling Objection #2: “Now’s Not a Good Time”
PROSPECT: “Now’s not a good time.”

YOU: “Do you mean for talking about it, or is it that saving costs on recruitment just isn’t something that is a top priority right now?”

PROSPECT: “Both/Neither.”

YOU: It’s common that two busy schedules, when merged together, mix about as well as milk and Pepsi. Maybe later in the week? It would only take a few minutes.

• Cold Calling Objection #3: “We’re Already Working with Someone”
YOU: “Good to hear. I’m curious, what do you think makes the relationship work so well?”
"It sounds like things are pretty good. But you didn’t say they were doing an amazing job. What would it look like if a company was doing an amazing job by your standards?"
“Glad to hear that things are going well. While I am not too familiar with their process, I do know it’s always worthwhile to have a second set of eyes to look things over. The next time you have something like this, I’d be happy to give it a quick review to see if we’d approach it any differently. If nothing else, you’ll get a different perspective and we may even be able to find you some additional improvement.”



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