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How To Create Team Culture With Temp Service Employees

Within today’s business world, team culture has moved to the forefront of considerations to bring together, engage and retain workforce personnel. On teams that include temporary employees, it can be hard to foster that sense of culture, especially with personnel who will be onsite for extremely limited terms. Your business can take some important steps to immerse temp service employees in team culture while they’re working at your location to optimize performance and enhance overall engagement.

1. Make Team Culture a Centerpiece of Your Intranet Sites

Whether you have an extensive corporate intranet or just a handful of pages setup to showcase current events, policies and projects, work to make team culture a centerpiece of your internal sites.
Next, provide your temporary workers with access to your intranet. If it is a login-based site, create logins for your temps as soon as they’re hired so they can visit and learn more about your company before they even begin. Include information on the intranet about the values that compose your team culture, what steps your team takes to work together and any other team culture information that can help a new employee learn more.

2. Incorporate Team Culture In Your Hiring Process

While working with your temp agency to hire temp service employees, wrap your team culture into the job descriptions and ideal employee profiles you create. After all, it’s easier to hire for fit and train for skills than vice versa. When you use the values of your team to search for and select candidates, you’ll find it easier to incorporate those employees into your team’s culture when they arrive on-site.
Empower your partners at the temp agency to speak about your company culture with prospective candidates on your behalf. When you interview candidates on-site or remotely, also work to incorporate discussions of your culture to establish a temp service employee team culture.

3. Be Open to Cultural Changes

Every single individual who participates in your company’s team culture changes it in some way. After all, employees come from different backgrounds and perspectives that color the way they perform work and act within a team. Although you won’t want to go through an entire cultural overhaul with each new temporary service or permanent employee you hire, be open to mild shifts in culture that may occur when members are added to your team.
Often, these changes occur through small shifts. At other times, however, you may find that a new team member has a very unique perspective to share and they can give feedback that creates a necessary culture change.

4. Be Inclusive of Employees Regardless of Term

Temporary employees often feel disconnected from their permanent term coworkers because they’re not included in company events or goings-on. In some cases, this lack of inclusion may be necessary because of reasons like proprietary information being off-limits, temp employees not having the same clearance levels as permanent coworkers or insurance coverage lacking for non-employees. But whenever it’s possible, be inclusive of all employees. This includes lunches, parties, social events, sports teams, all-staff meetings and other events. When it’s not possible, succinctly explain why so temp employees can understand instead of feel left out. This is why it’s essential to be inclusive when trying to create a temp service employee team culture.

5. Encourage Partnering and Team Work

Temp service employees can feel very isolated when at a new position for only a limited amount of time. They may be assigned very solitary tasks or seated remotely from others performing similar work. You can encourage a sense of team culture by seating your temp employees with others they can interact with during the course of their work and encourage employees to partner for certain tasks.
Additionally, you can assign a partner to a new temp service employee to help them get started in your location. This partner can mentor them as they begin work, coach them through how the work is completed and be available to answer questions. When partners and the overall team are available and ready to work together, the team culture becomes readily apparent.

Find the Best Temporary Employees

By definition, team culture should incorporate the entire team, including members whose role may be shorter in term. Your open inclusion of all employees can go far toward promoting team culture. Additionally, our experienced professionals at Resource Employment Services can partner with you to find the best temporary employees to fill your roles while also providing guidance on issues including company culture, engaging temp employees and maximizing work outcomes. Contact our team
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