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How Does Working with a Temp Agency Help You Find Top Talent?

How Does Working with a Temp Agency Help You Find Top Talent?

Filling open positions within your organization is extremely expensive and time consuming. A new report from the Society of Human Resource Management finds that, on average, a new hire costs $4,129 to source while the vacant chair takes 42 days to fill. Plus, with turnover rates at 19 percent, you may be filling many positions each year, depending on how large your company is.
Can you afford that time and cost — or for strategic business needs to go unmet that long? By working with a temp staffing agency, you can find top talent quickly, efficiently and without having to divert your hiring managers or HR staff from other key functions.

Check out these top five reasons why temp agencies can help you find the top talent for your open roles.

1. Temp Agencies Have Large Dedicated Recruiting Staff

When you work with a temp agency to fill your open roles, you gain access to a large staff of sourcing professionals who are dedicated solely to recruiting functions. That means they won’t have to split off at a moment’s notice to address other personnel issues, as your internal HR staff might, and they don’t have competing deliverables like your hiring managers do. These professional recruiters can stay focused on your staffing needs while efficiently locating, interviewing and vetting the best possible candidates. This frees up your staff to maintain the rest of your business functions.

2. Temp Agencies Use Extensive Nationwide Databases to Source

When you handle recruiting internally, you can pay to post your open position on well-known job sites and networking apps, but it may get buried beneath many other posts looking for similar candidates. Although staffing agencies also post some positions they're working to fill, they primarily rely on extensive nationwide databases of candidates.

Staffing agency recruiters search through and evaluate these potential employees to narrow down candidate lists to the best qualified, then begin examining them individually until a short list of the most qualified is identified. That saves you the frustration of reading resume after resume of people who simply don’t fit the bill.

3. Temp Agencies Use Unique Profiles to Find Top Talent

Realistically, there’s only so much description you can include in a job posting when you’re looking for potential candidates, and that description may not be long enough or detailed enough to truly lock down the exact profile you’re looking to fill. You can partner with your staffing agency recruiter to create a far more specific and unique profile you’d like them to match against the individuals they locate to fill the top talent roles within your organization. Whether you desire a workaholic who will dog a project until it's done or an innovator who isn’t afraid to try new methods, your recruiter can be on the lookout for those traits while also evaluating for necessary education, experience and skillsets.

4. Temp Agencies Can Provide Alternatives to Direct-Hire Scenarios

For some jobs, you may know the exact type of candidate you want to hire, but in other situations, filling a role may be a stickier proposition. Perhaps you’ve just created a new role, two departments have merged or you have a set of responsibilities that need to be addressed but aren’t traditionally bundled together. In those cases, temp agencies shine.
Your recruiting partner can provide you with a wide variety of potential candidates who span the spectrum with the backgrounds they offer. You can either meet with this variety of individuals to nail down what you truly want in your open position or fill your position as a temporary contract while evaluating how certain skillsets mesh with your eventual goals. Then, once the perfect match is found, your temp can be converted to a permanent employee.

5. Temp Agencies Provide Talented Recruits Just When You Need Them

It’s natural that you’re looking to fill the key positions in your organization with the very best and most talented professionals possible — that’s an important factor in achieving business success. But what if there’s a certain type of talent or skillset you need for a very limited time period? This is another space in which temp agencies shine.

Many professionals are seeking shorter-term positions for a variety of motivations, from career changing to geographical relocation to filling time between other obligations. Temp agencies work with these professionals to help businesses like yours have access to top talent when they need it, even if that’s only for a short time. That saves you from the expense of separation packages and unemployment if you directly hire an employee and then lay them off when a project or need comes to a close, not to mention preventing a wealth of hard feelings.
When you’re ready to begin exploring the ways a temp agency can help fill all your staffing needs, contact Resource Employment for full-service recruiting and HR support.

Call Resource Employment today at 866-412-6535 or contact us to begin a valuable discussion on what your organization needs to thrive and grow and how our trained employment professionals can help you meet those goals.


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