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7 Questions to Ask Temp Agencies Before Signing a Temp Service Contract

Working with a temp agency can ensure that you have access to high-quality employees to fill temporary business needs or quickly expand your staff seasonally. Before you sign your temp agency contract, it’s important to understand what services they provide, agree upon expectations and have all your pressing questions answered. While you navigate this process, consider these seven questions to ask so you're well-informed when you sign a contract with a temp agency.

1. What Geographical Area Do You Cover?

Some temp agencies provide candidates in only a limited geographical area. While this may meet your present business needs, you may need to add temps in other locations or want to have access to candidates sourced from a wider area. At Resource Employment Solutions, we have access to a nationwide pool of potential employees and serve locations in more than 40 states.

2. What Size Staff Do You Have Internally?

You need access to adequate sourcing and staffing professionals to fill your openings, and we’re here with more than 200 employees specially trained to meet your business needs. You'll have a dedicated professional as your primary point of contact, but you’ll also have others working behind the scenes to source for your positions and ensure the employees you select are well supported.

3. What Benefits Do You Provide to Temps?

Temps who aren’t well supported by their staffing services are more likely to jump between jobs, leaving you with fresh openings and unmet business needs. At Resource Employment Solutions, we provide our temporary employees with access to a wide range of benefits, including health coverage and vacation time, and meet their start-of-service needs, like relocation assistance. While turnover does occur, we work to minimize its impact on your operations.

4. How Does the Temp Service Vet Candidates?

Some staffing services gather resumes from internet databases and present them all to their prospective clients. We go above and beyond that at Resource Employment Solutions. We ensure the experience each candidate claims is factual, their skillsets are investigated and tested and their backgrounds check out appropriately to your needs. When we present you with a candidate for a job opening, we are confident that they are highly qualified and a good fit for your needs.

5. How Long Does It Take to Hire a Temp?

The temp hiring process depends upon the experience and skillsets necessary for the job. For administrative or labor positions, it can take less time to identify a qualified pool of candidates and you can make your hiring decision faster. When you need a professional with a higher degree of training or with specialized skills or training, it can take a longer to make the right match. We’ll keep you informed through every step of the process, so you know when to expect to reach a decision point.

6. What Happens When a Temp Doesn’t Work Out?

Just like when permanent hires aren't the right fit, a temp may not work out after over time. When that happens, we work with you to find another suitable employee. Often, we already have a pool built from when we previously worked to fill that opening. You may even have a temp candidate in mind from prior interviews or resume reviews. If that person is still available for placement, we may be able to refill your role with little break in service.

7. How Can We Convert a Temp to Permanent Status?

At times, you’ll want to convert a person who was hired as a temp to fill a permanent role within your organization. We have special provisions built into our contract for that. If the position is originally designated as temp-to-hire, we’ll agree upon a time period they’ll work as a temp before converting to permanent. If the decision comes later to convert to permanent status, other factors may influence the process. In either case, during contract negotiations, we’ll agree upon a dollar or percentage amount for the buyout of the temp’s contract, based upon their future yearly salary.

Find Highly Qualified Temporary Employees That Fit Your Needs

At Resource Employment Services, we want to ensure you're comfortable with every part of the temporary staffing process. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever necessary to ask any question, request further information or schedule meetings to discuss details. Contact our team today to fill your open positions with knowledgeable and experienced temp service employees.


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