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5 Tips for Maximizing ROI When You Use Temp Services

When you work with a temp service, you’re making an investment in the employees placed with your company and your overall business operations. That comes at a price because using a temp service to hire employees means you’ll absorb fees on top of the employees' salary. Considering the time and effort you’ll save when partnering with a temp service, that’s money well spent. You can further maximize temp service employee ROI when you follow these five tips and tricks.

1. Thoroughly Design Your Desired Candidate Profile

At the start of the sourcing process for your open position, you’ll meet with your temp service account manager or recruiter to discuss exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t wait until this meeting to write the job description or design your desired candidate profile, however. Instead, spend time with your internal staff thoroughly discussing what the position entails and a profile of the perfect candidate. Include hard and soft skills in these descriptions and create both must-have and nice-to-have attributes.
Then, when you have your initial temp agency meeting, you can work with the trained recruiter to refine those descriptions and profiles. This will save the temp agency time when sourcing candidates and keep you from having to come back later on to make modifications or reject candidates who aren’t qualified.

2. Answer Calls and Emails as Quickly as Possible

You’re a busy professional and your partners at your temp service understand that, but you could become the bottleneck in the sourcing process if you don't respond to important questions or requests in a timely fashion. When at all possible, respond to calls and emails from the temp agency quickly. If you can't, designate a next-in-command individual who can answer questions or make decisions on your behalf. Then you can reengage whenever is most feasible for you.

3. Offer Specific Feedback

Your temp service will be working to get qualified candidates in front of you as quickly as they can so your positions don't remain unfilled any longer than necessary. When you’re presented with a potential candidate to consider, try to offer very specific feedback to your recruiters. This includes details on why you do or don't like their profile, how well you feel they fit your needs and any relevant details from phone calls or interviews you conducted. This is especially important if you’ve decided that a particular candidate is not a good fit. The feedback you provide will help your recruiter refine the search process to eliminate that concern with future candidates.

4. Provide Timely Updates

Business plans and needs change, often quite rapidly. When that happens and impacts your temp candidate search, provide timely updates to your temp service. If you need to pause the recruitment process, let your recruiter know as soon as possible. When job requirements change due to restructuring or unforeseen circumstances, help your temp service partners build a new needs profile to net better candidates. Once you select a potential employee, let the agency know immediately so they can get the wheels in motion and your new person can begin work. When you’ve got anything to share, share it right away and your investment dollars will thank you.

5. Be Realistic and Open to Change

If you followed the first tip, you built your desired employee profile. Realistically, wanting a candidate to fill a laundry list of attributes doesn’t mean that person exists in real life. As a hiring manager, you can maximize temp service ROI by understanding that the professionals you’ll consider may not possess every single skill you desire or that you’ll have to adjust your expectations or budget to best fill your open role.

Find Qualified Employees That Fit Your Needs

At Resource Employment Solutions, you can count on us to find the best talent available either locally or through nationwide searches. We’ll only present candidates to you when we believe they’ll suitably fulfill your expectations. If we identify a necessary change, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. When you partner with our service, we can work together efficiently and transparently so you can fill your open position with top-notch candidates while maximizing your ROI in the process. Contact us to learn more about filling your open positions with highly qualified candidates today!


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