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5 Hard-to-Fill Positions Your Employment Agency Can Help With

Staffing some positions within your organization can be very difficult. You might have an opening that requires highly specialized training that may not be found in your local candidate talent pool. Or, you might need to expand quickly for a seasonal need or fill a job for only a short, set period. Whatever the reason, these hard-to-fill positions are ideal to present to your employment agency for help.
With access to wide databases of candidates and the ability to ramp up rapidly, your employment agency can ensure your business is running at full capacity after just a short time. Use this list of 5 hard-to-fill positions as a reminder of when to tap in your employment agency for help.

1. Short-Term Professionals for Set Maternity and Medical Leaves

Finding a professional when you need to fill a role for only a short, specified time can be hard. Traditional candidate databases and networking sites often showcase professionals who are solely hunting for permanent long-term positions. An employment agency like Resource Employment Solutions has internal databases of prescreened professionals as well as access to external databases of people looking solely for temporary work. This can help you identify and have a professional in place as soon as your permanent employee goes on leave.

2. Account, Finance or Investment Professionals with Specific Certifications or Licenses

Professionals who deal with money are often in high demand, and that demand only grows higher the more specific you require their certifications and licenses to be. You can find yourself in a bidding war to get a candidate to come on board, and smaller businesses may find themselves consistently at a disadvantage to larger organizations who scoop up employees at higher compensation. When you work with an employment agency, candidates are thoroughly screened to ensure they meet your licensure requirements and then prepared specifically to interview with you. This can limit the frustration you could otherwise face of losing the only viable candidate you’ve found after a long sourcing process.

3. Skilled Trade Professionals

Professionals in what are considered skilled trades are in just as high demand as many office professionals. In fact, as more students attend college instead of participating in skilled trade training, these professionals have become even harder to source. To vet these potential employees, you’ll need to verify their pre-employment and on-the-job training, level of experience, certifications held and openness to union participation your job site may require. All of that is time intensive and can have similar results as the search for finance professionals often does — the loss of a great candidate after much time and effort has been expended to source them. An employment agency with a wide network and quick-acting recruiters can help you avoid these types of outcome.

4. Seasonal Employees

Often, the term seasonal is misunderstood to mean the extra employees retail or hospitality organizations may need on hand through the traditional fall and winter holidays. In a broader business sense, it means any time your business needs to rapidly expand a workforce sector for a set time. Your business may have a busy time each summer. Or you might sign a large contract that necessitates all hands-on deck to deliver the promised goods or services.
Whatever the case, hiring seasonally can be a bugaboo for your business, requiring you to spend more time finding and hiring professionals than they’ll spend working at your location. Rely on your employment agency to mine its databases of already-screened professionals and enable your operation to expand quickly and seamlessly.

5. Healthcare Professionals

Staffing in the healthcare profession comes with its own set of issues. Not only do degrees, licenses and other certifications need to be thoroughly investigated, but these workers are also in very high demand. In addition, healthcare professionals are often needed for either short- or long-term roles in non-healthcare settings like staff doctors or pre-employment examiners.
This is another great opportunity to involve your employment agency in the hiring process, as they can work through nationwide databases and build a set of well-qualified individuals for you to consider. Your employment agency will also do all of the behind-the-scenes work like verifying diplomas, ensuring unencumbered state licenses that are valid in your location and building expectations for working conditions and length.

Find the Perfect Candidates to Fit Your Needs

Employment agencies like Resource Employment Solutions can offer your business highly trained sourcing professionals who will work with you to find the perfect temporary or permanent candidates to fill even the hard-to-fill positions. Contact us today to get started.


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