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4 Common Challenges When Managing Temp Service Employees

Working with temporary employees can provide many benefits to your organization, including filling unexpected openings in a hurry and scaling on demand. When utilizing a temp agency to fill your open positions, temp service employees challenges may arise. By being prepared for those areas and having tips on hand to address them, you can ensure positive outcomes for all your temp employment experiences. Bone up on these four common challenges and learn how to tackle them if they arise.

1. Bringing New Temps Up to Speed

Training a new employee always poses its share of challenges as the education necessary to get them up to speed can be time and resource intensive. And the more you use and rely on temps, the more you may face the challenge of bringing them up to speed without impacting business operations.
When you face this issue, consider tackling it by assigning a direct partner or mentor that temps can work with from the time they first walk in the office. Allot some time for the temp to shadow their partner before flipping the scenario and placing them in the driver’s seat with gentle course corrections provided by the mentor. Having a new temp on board isn’t the time to test out “sink or swim” concepts — adequate handholding at the start can ensure smoother work completed throughout the contract.

2. Losing Temp Work Time to Job Interviews

While some personnel who hire on as temps are perfectly happy to remain in a temporary position, others may still be looking around for full-time permanent positions. The temps you bring on to fill openings may need time off occasionally to attend job interviews. You can address this off-work time in a number of ways.
First, you can consider offering the individual a temp-to-hire position within your own company if it’s of mutual advantage for them to remain onboard. Second, you can view their out-of-office time as you might regard how other employees are occasionally out to address personal commitments or medical needs. Finally, you could work with the temp employee to modify their work schedule so that you’re able to capture full-time service while allowing them flexibility to interview elsewhere.

3. Treading the Employee versus Contractor Line Carefully

A temporary staff member is considered a contractor, not an employee, and that means you must walk a very fine line in how you manage and treat them per federal guidelines. Your staffing agency, as the entity who actually can hire and fire the personnel, pays them, provides any benefits and oversees their HR needs, is on the hook as their actual employer of record. That means they are either your contract or, in the case of long term contractors, may be considered as part of a co-employment arrangement.
Carefully monitor how you control the staff member’s work environment, the direction given for how work is handled and any financial entanglements you might enter into with this person. This can include reimbursement for supplies, access to on-hand cash and any bonuses you may want to give them. Ensure you work through the staffing agency for any of these areas so you don’t cross the line and break federal regulations on whether the person is considered your employee.

4. Addressing Temp Employee Reliability

It’s a common whisper in the hiring industry that temp workers are simply not as reliable as permanent employees because they’re not as invested in the future of the job. In reality, this varies on a case-by-case basis. How a potential worker will approach their position’s expectations is not something that can be judged by the longevity of their work contract.
Instead, when looking to fill a temporary position, partner with your staffing agency to evaluate each candidate individually and make determinations based on background reviews and interviews over how reliable they might be. Once on the job, you can monitor performance to determine how reliable the person has actually proven to be. One of the best ways to address reliability in temp employees is to ensure your permanent personnel are modeling the behavior you’d like to see reflected. Additionally, gentle coaching can ensure temps understand expectations and make necessary corrections as a result.

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