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Individuals searching for a Columbus, Ohio package handling job can get a head start right here at Resource Employment. We'll guide you through the entire process, and ensure you find a job which best suits your needs, your skills and experience. Get started by submitting your resume to be a package handler, while learning more about the job and what you can expect here.

What Will you do as a Package Handler?

The position of package handler sounds fairly straightforward on the surface, as the job duty is essentially the job title. However, what does that really mean on a day to day basis? It really requires the manual movement of freight, stock, materials and packages between warehouses and facilities, delivery trucks and vans, and potentially commercial or residential customers. Where exactly a person is involved in the process will depend on the exact company and industry that you're in. Similar positions include the BLS defined category of Hand Laborers and Material Movers, which covers a larger overall field of which package handling is included.

Statistics and Opportunities for Package Handler Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the aforementioned field of Hand Laborers and Material Movers earn median wages of $11.33 per hour, or $23,560 per year. The field as a whole is expected to grow at a 5 percent pace over the following decade, which is average across all jobs and industries. Reports from other sources dealing more specifically with package handlers showcase similar findings. One cites a $10 median hourly range for package handling jobs, with an overall $9 to $14.50 per hour range, while another cites several open positions offering between $11 and $13.50 per hour. Package handlers in some instances may want to work for the United States Postal Service. Employees in that field earn loftier wages of $26.30 per hour or $54,720 per year as median pay, however, as the news has shown in recent years, the field is shrinking. A huge 28 percent decline in jobs, even compared to the recent decreases already seen, is forecasted over the coming decade. Private companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, along with Amazon, and local delivery companies or services, may offer more job opportunities. But we'll eliminate the hassle for you in terms of where you should be searching for a package handler job in Columbus. We work with a large number of employers in the area, and we'll quickly connect you to the companies and positions which are the right fit for you.

Submit Your Resume for a Package Handling Job in Columbus, Ohio

Let Resource Employment provide you with the assistance you need as you're looking for a Columbus, Ohio package handling job. We'll ensure that you find a job which is an ideal match for you, your experience and skills, and also your interests and goals. Submit your resume to get the process started, or, continue to search for additional job opportunities across other locations and industries.

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