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If you've been searching for a machine operator job in Columbus, Ohio, then Resource Employment is here to help you. We'll connect you with a job which is a perfect match for your skills and experience level, along with one which keeps you on the right track overall professionally. By working with many local companies and employers, we handle the hassle and legwork of job searching for you. Submit your resume for a machine operating job, or learn more about these positions here.

What Will you do as a Machine Operator?

Machine operators are responsible for using various types of machinery to transport materials, supplies, inventory and so forth. This may include construction materials at a jobsite, or it could include excavating earth at building sites, mines or other industries. Or, you may be working at warehouses and stocking facilities, at a dock, train yard or a different transportation hub, industrial facility or manufacturing plant, and on down the line. A very diverse set of industries all call for machine operators. Therefore, there are many different potential environments that Columbus machine operating jobs may provide, along with different types of machinery. That includes forklifts, conveyors, hoists and winches, industrial trucks or tractors, transporters and more. Machines such as cranes and excavators, or other technical and heavy duty machinery, are often classified separately and may require further specialization or training, or the right amount of experience on the job. Following proper safety protocols is always essential as a machine operator. There may be a need to take occasional safety or operation tests to stay up to date. Machine maintenance or cleanup may also be required.

Statistics and Opportunities for Machine Operator Careers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Material Moving Machine Operators earned a median salary of $32,890 per year in 2014. The hourly wage for machine operators across the country was $15.81. While the BLS does predict job growth in the field over the next decade, it's actually at a slower rate than average, with 3 percent projected growth. A differing report indicated higher earnings potential for machine operators. They showcased open positions offering between $18.50 and $20.75 per hour, with an average annual salary for current positions coming in at $37,605. The wage your position offers will depend upon your own experience level, and the specific company and industry. As mentioned, further opportunities for machine operators may include parlaying experience and potentially additional training or specialization to operate more technical machinery, such as cranes. Other individuals may want to shift towards project or jobsite management, warehouse management, shift supervisorial positions, and so forth.

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Resource Employment will get you on your way towards the Columbus machine operator job and career that you've been searching for. Submit your resume through our service today to get started, we'll handle the job search process for you and connect you to a company and open position which is the ideal match.

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