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Resource Employment will help you get started with your new career as a forklift driver in Columbus, Ohio. Or, we'll help you take your previous experience forklift driving and find a better opportunity with a new employer. Either way, this is where you'll want to begin. Learn more about your job as Columbus forklift driver, along with what to expect in the field and how we can help you on your journey.

What Will you do as a Forklift Driver?

A job as a forklift driver is straightforward in terms of the tasks and responsibilities that you'll be managing. You'll be moving materials between different areas of warehouses, construction sites, wholesalers or supply stores, and other facilities. Alternatively, you may be responsible for loading and unloading materials from trucks and other transportation vehicles. In addition, forklift drivers will generally be handling basic maintenance and upkeep of the machines you're operating, along with following safety procedures and protocols. Documentation and reporting on production, safety, and so forth, will likely also be necessary.

Statistics and Opportunities for Forklift Driver Careers

A forklift driver job falls into the Bureau of Labor Statistics category of Material Moving Machine Operators. This is a more broadly defined group of jobs and careers, but forklift driving certainly fits right within that realm. According to the BLS, in 2014 the median pay for such positions was $32,890 per year, or $15.81 per hour. There are both full-time salaried positions and part-time and hourly positions in this field. Also according to the BLS, while the field is expected to increase, its rate of 3 percent over the next decade is slower than average. In other salary reports, open forklift driver positions ranged from listed hourly rates between $10 and $16.50 per hour. A differing report put the hourly rate between $9.75 and $18, with an average of $12.70. So, the exact wage will vary dependent on the specifics of the job, and your experience level. For individuals who work as forklift drivers in Columbus, there may be aspirations to eventually gain a management position after enough experience. This may include job titles such as a production manager, warehouse manager, operations manager or similar position.

Submit Your Resume for a Forklift Driving Job in Columbus, Ohio

When you submit your resume with Resource Employment, we'll be able to handle a great deal of the hassle and legwork of job searching for you. Beyond our available forklift driver positions in Columbus though, feel free to also search for different job types, and different locations. We'll be able to connect you with a wide range of employers in the local area, while honing in on the exact types of positions which you're qualified for, as well as the ones you're interested in. We emphasize employee happiness and quality of life, so that each person lands a job that gets them on the right track for their entire career and life. Submit your resume today, and you'll be taking that all-important first step.

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