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Job:   Office Assistant - Production Department

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Office Assistant - Production Department
Job Title: Office Assistant
Department: Production Departments
Supervision: Sr. Production Supervisor / Production Manager
Job Classification: Full Time Employee


Responsible for all aspects of the Office environment in the Production Departments. This includes but is not limited to daily reporting processes,, payroll reporting processes, computer – ADP and Temporary Services Processes, attendance coordination within departments, spreadsheet updates, etc. Shift / Sr. Supervisor attendance coordination within departments, spreadsheets, timesheets, and system updates.

- Daily Processing of Production Reporting – coordinating with Sr. Supervisors on all work orders ran.
- Daily Processing of Attendance Reporting – coordinating with Sr. Supervisors and Temporary Services on attendance and making entries, changing, and correcting as necessary within the time clock processes.
- Daily preparation of Daily Production Summary and Cost Summary for distribution to management team and Production Meeting processes.
- Daily preparation and update of the Hourly Report Filing production Attendance and Payroll reports, work orders, safety reports and other documents.
- Coordinate HR type reports for management – including separation, payroll change notices, and staffing requests.
- Coordination of payroll time sheets from Sr. Supervisors through Production Manager / Director of Production in a timely fashion back to ADP and Payroll processing.
- Coordinate bi-weekly issuing of checks to employees through Sr. Supervisors and resolving any payroll issues from employees in a timely fashion to HR / Payroll.
- Coordinate payroll issues through HR / Payroll in a timely manner for both Houdini and affected personnel.
- Roll up weekly attendance records for all classifications for review at the management levels.
- Assist management levels in inputting of cost data daily as necessary. Filing production work orders, safety reports, attendance sheets and other documents.
- Assist Production Control as needed.
- Coordinate HR type reports for management – including separation, payroll change notices, staffing requests, etc.
- Resolve any production reported discrepancies from daily finished goods variance report.

Keep an updated follow-up of the training log/update folder accordingly Coordination of training processes First article and sanitation reconciliation

January to June Duties and Responsibilities: Same responsibilities as above for Post Season schedule. Assist in Safety Monitoring and Reporting. Assist in the implementation of companywide document control procedures for the Production and Packaging Departments. Assist the Production and Packaging departments in the creation of organizational flow charts and work tasks and instructions Assist department personnel in converting all Forms and Past History processes into current formats. Rollup of all regular season Production outputs in various spreadsheet processes for management review. Coordination of training processes First article and sanitation reconciliation Administrative and Other Responsibilities: Communicate and work with other departments as necessary. Other duties as required by production management. Typical Physical Demands: Basic office task workload. Fast paced, temperature variations in a warehouse environment, average amount of walking, light lifting.
Typical Working Conditions: Majority is office environment and some manufacturing warehouse environment. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Problem solving, effectively communicate verbally and in written form. Bi-lingual verbal communication advantageous. Above average knowledge base of Microsoft office products such as: Word, Excel, and Outlook. Knowledge of Macola Operating System. Must demonstrate problem solving skills, multiple task capabilities, detail, accuracy, and organizational skills. Strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others in a fast paced Warehouse/ Production environment.


- Mon thru Fri - 7:00 am to 3:30 pm
- Pay Rate range - $15.00 to $17.68

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