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Seemingly Perfect Candidate Fudged His Resume: Is It Worth Overlooking?

The Scenario:

HR manager Stu Capper frowned as he hung up the phone. Before he could even process what he just heard, department manager Ella Hanson knocked on Stu's Open Door.

"Hey, Stu. Just wanted to see if you made that offer to Matt Barnett," Ella said walking in. "I think he'll be a great addition to the team."

"I was actually just confirming his past employment dates," Stu said, still frowning. "and it looks like he wasn't exactly honest."

Embellished Employment dates:

Now it was Ella's turn to be concerned. "what do you mean?" she asked. "well, Matt said he was at his last job for five years. but I talked to his manager and it was closer to three," Stu explained. "That's a big difference" Ella said.

"And then I called his second to last employer," Stu said. "Matt lengthened that stint by a year, too."

"Why would he do that?" Ella Asked, Frowning.

"My guess is Matt wanted to meet our required experience for the position," Stu Said. "without the extensions, his resume may not have gotten a second look."

"Well what do we do now?" Ella asked. "I really had a good feeling about this guy. No one else we interviewed stood out as much as Matt. His lack of experience certainly didn't show up in the interview."

"I agree," Stu said. "His old managers did say he was a good employee. But I don't like that he lied to us."

If you were Stu, what would you do next?


  • If I were Stu, I would reject this candidate. in my opinion, honest should be one of the most important characters. Lacking of experience, we can give him a chance to elevate and accumulate if he has good knowledge about the job and excellent personality, such as honest, eager to learn, good work ethic .

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