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The war on tardiness

We were having a major problem with attendance. a lot of workers were showing up anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours late. We followed our policy, which states we can suspend late employees for the day. The Problem? we had to scramble to find replacements for those we suspended.

Sending workers home for the day didn't seem to have any effect on their behavior. In fact it was giving our tardy employees what they wanted - A day off. I knew we had to revamp our attendance policy and put a stop to this bad habit.

Positive reinforcement:

Since punishing our employees wasn't working out, we decided to change our policy to focus on the opposite approach: incentives. the employees who were on time consistently would receive a small reward: a gift card or cash bonus.

To qualify for the bonus, workers would have to be on time every day for the whole quarter. If they slipped up one quarter, they'd get a fresh start the next one. The policy is brand new, but early indications are we'll see positive results with this approach.


  • Time management is imperative.

    where are the property manager jobs ??

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