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Immediate Employment Initiative for
Puerto Rican and Caribbean Island Evacuees

Resource Employment Solutions has developed a massive jobs program for families relocating to the mainland after hurricane Maria disaster which includes opportunities for both temporary and full-time employment, as well as relocation assistance.

ORLANDO, FL - The National Puerto Rican Leadership Council Education Fund (NPRLCEF), an organization that advocates for Puerto Rican representation and participation in our community, is joining forces with Resource Employment Solutions (RES), a Hispanic-owned national staffing company headquartered in Orlando, to meet relocating families with immediate employment options upon arrival to the mainland US.

“We could no longer stand idly by, with our hands crossed, watching the news and seeing the suffering in our people’s faces. Many great organizations are currently mobilizing relief efforts, but what happens after the dust settles? We wanted to make sure that anyone displaced by the hurricanes could secure a financial means to support their family long-term. I assembled an emergency task force at Resource, and mobilized our national implementation team. We now have a master inventory of tens of thousands of available positions that we can offer evacuees for immediate employment. We have also instructed our senior recruitment team to aggressively secure more job opportunities with companies that are willing to employ these families.” stated Eddy Dominguez, Senior Executive Vice President for Resource Employment Solutions.

Carlos R. Guzman, President/CEO for NPRLCEF said, “We are working around the clock looking for all kinds of help to alleviate the suffering of our people on the Island. Mr. Dominguez’s vision and leadership to proactively develop an employment contingency plan is very innovative. I thank Mr. Dominguez and all of the Resource executive team across all of their 70 offices around the nation that came up with this novel initiative.”

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